Members of the RMEL CoP

The 250+ members of the RMEL Community of Practice are leaders in resilience research, measurement, monitoring, evaluation and learning. They work in diverse sectors, disciplines and types of organization. The evidence and knowledge that they generate and communicate is used by communities, governments, philanthropists and companies around the world.

To find out more about some of our members, read their profiles below.



Elsa Febles Carmona is the Senior MEAL Advisor for Resilience at Oxfam Intermón (Oxfam Spain), supporting Oxfam’s Resilience Knowledge Hub (RKH). Elsa led the development of Oxfam’s Monitoring, evaluation and learning for resilience: A companion guide (2018).


Chris is Senior Policy Advisor at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) based in Cali, Colombia. Chris has published several peer-reviewed papers on resilience measurement, recently including: ‘Perception matters’: New insights into the subjective dimension of resilience in the context of humanitarian and food security crises.


Simone leads the Global Resilience Partnership’s (GRP) program-wide monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. The GRP is a partnership of public and private organizations joining forces towards a resilient, sustainable and prosperous future for vulnerable people and places. GRP believes that resilience underpins sustainable development in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Dave Wilson

Dave leads the Climate Change theme at Itad, working with a team of six full-time technical M&E staff to meet the needs of clients for robust, evidence-based findings to inform decisions shaping a low carbon, climate-resilient future.

Nathan Engle

Nathan is Senior Climate Change Specialist with the World Bank’s Climate Change Group (CCG) and Water Global Practice (GP). Nate works on strategy and operations for adaptation and resilience, climate finance, and metrics/evaluation. He is also responsible for strategic support to operational teams on drought preparedness, and develops new analytical work to inform next generation climate-related projects.

Angélica V. Ospina

Angélica is a consultant for the World Bank’s Africa Climate Resilient Investment Facility (AFRI-RES). Previously, she was Senior Researcher of the Resilience Program at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), where she led the Big Data for Resilience initiative and provided support to the implementation of National Adaptation Plans in Latin America.