Understanding how adaptive management can support resilience strengthening

Itad, in partnership with Mercy Corps.


“Transferring resilience measurement information and systems into front-line practice could help implementers to take the “small-bets”, use rapid feedback loops, and change activities that bolster people’s resilience capacities in real-time.”


The challenge. How to direct and tailor interventions to boost latent resilience capacities in at-risk communities, especially when an approaching threat is identified. How can resilience measurement and learning be used to design and shape real-time, adaptive management decision-making?

The innovation response. To bridge the gap between evaluators of resilience outcomes and implementers of resilience interventions.

This collaborative scoping study explores how resilience implementers currently make decisions and the ways in which resilience measurement and evidence can support decision-making and adaptive management.

Working with members of the CoP, the team will produce a synthesis report, distilling major lessons for resilience implementation practice, and identifying the types of tools needed to integrate resilience measurement into decision-making and management processes. 

Watch this space – upcoming blog and webinar to share progress!